Thursday, June 18, 2009

Bonneau’s Pop-Up Alphabet Book

Lise Bonneau’s Pop-Up Alphabet Book

Somehow missed this gem. Found out about it through ARLIS/NA's listserv.

Video via: Complex


Frank Cvetkovic said...

That is amazing.

Not as flashy, but this is my favorite ABC's book:

Check it out next time you and the fam are at the library! It's gorgeous!

Frank Cvetkovic said...
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Unknown said...

very cool and...w00t! it's available at my branch :)

(P.S. your comment posted twice)

Justin Shady said...

That is absolutely gorgeous. I love how the person is wearing gloves. I'd wear gloves, too.

And probably never open it for fear of tearing something.

Oh, and I'd never give that to a kid in a million years. May as well let them play with some fine China.