Thursday, June 11, 2009

Columbus (OH) Arts Festival 2009

Jessica Stoddart, photo by Bryan Loar

I had the good fortune to go to the Columbus Arts Festival last Saturday. I was particularly surprised and delighted to see so many contemporary artists with strong illustrative sensibilities--this has rarely been the case in the past.

Jessica Stoddart's work pictured above, IMHO, wins best of show. Her unique art has such a wonderful design aesthetic, and the underlying architectural structures she builds into her works intrigues me.


Mr. Hooper, photo by Bryan Loar

A close second is Mr. Hooper (aka Tim Hooper). Mr. Hooper is amazingly self-taught, and his current work is a mix of R. Crumb meets Mark Ryden.

Here are some other great artists


Norma said...

I'm surprised any artist let you take a photo--I've practically been chased down and yelled out if I bring out my camera.

Unknown said...

The photos were taken without consent. If any of artists that have work photographed are reading this, please let me know if you would like me to take the images down.

That written, I am posting low res images and promoting the artists by linking back to their websites (with the exception of Hequembourg, who appears not to have a site).

Justin Shady said...

Wow, that is DEFINITELY NOT what I remember from the CAF.

Usually it was just of starving artist landscapes and bad PhotoShop work.

Awesome to see they're moving beyond that, especially with the illustration work.