Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Saatchi + Saatchi Library

A little 70's for me, but I'll take it.  Here's the description:

"A spiral library is the central gathering space at
this ad agency. The walnut unit combines seating and shelving, with
Varia panels in a seemingly random pattern to accent the wood and
create graphic interest. Seating cushions correspond in color to the
Varia panels, and the unit maintains its design integrity from any
angle. The library forms a spiral in both plan and elevation and offers
a relaxed area for reading, as well as a mini amphitheater for small
inter-office presentations."

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Monday, November 24, 2008

And you thought B&N was big box

Book Experience Mall in Shenzhen, China, covers 2 city blocks!

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Friday, November 21, 2008

Lee Walton

Lee Walton's drawings are amazing.  The linework reminds me of the precisionists.

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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Design by the Book

Design*Sponge in collaboration with 5 Brooklyn-based artist and the New York Public Library has begun a video series entitled "Design by the Book." D*S has invited the artists to take inspiration from NYPL's collection and filmed the results--from beginning to end. It looks to be an interesting series with good exposure to all involved. Above is the 1st one in the series. Other video to be posted on D*S are forthcoming.

Via: Core77

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

rAndom International: A Tribute to Francis Bacon

A Tribute to Francis Bacon. rAndom International (2008).

The triptych "prints" images of viewers by using an embeded camera and light sensitive paper.  After a few momements, the image disappears and the process begins again.

Leonora Oppenheim wrote this about the experience:

"While the Temporary Printing Machine might be a seemingly pointless exercise we enjoyed the interactive experience, the clever use of simple technology and the thoughts it provoked about the futility of trying to capture a moment in time and our obsession with our own image."

Here's a video of the Temporary Printing Machine.

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Monday, November 10, 2008

Caroline Linder

2x4x. Caroline Linder (2008)

Genius.  Linder inserted LEDs into 2x4s to "slowly reveal patterns fading in and out across the boards."

Seen In: Surface magazine (no. 74, 2008)

Friday, November 07, 2008


So last night Continental Office Environments held an unveiling event for Herman Miller's Embody. I was hoping that it wouldn't be so much pomp & circumstance and more "please take a seat in HM's latest chair." The event opened @ 5 and things really didn't get started until 6:15. Everyone seemed to know each other--so it was a little clique-ish. I didn't bother asking around where people were from, and I had to leave early. Thus, I never saw the chair, except as presented above. Overall, the experience was kind of lacking, but I got free beer and h' orderves out of it (Thanks COE!).

More pics here.

Thursday, November 06, 2008


is a new search platform that mixes social aspects (music/video playlists) and federated searching.

The user interface (UI) kicks some serious butt. Although a little dark on my old CRT, the navigation control that rises from the bottom (much like Apple's OS X Leopard) offer the user visual icons and supporting text to various edited categories. For example, the "design" category opens up a window where one can select from various design oriented Web sites like Core77. Sites open within frames (as illustrated in my picture above). This intelligently keeps the user in the Navigaya environment.

Navigaya's environment is enhanced through music, video, and community. Users can create and save music video playlists once they've registered with Navigaya. The lists can be kept private, or they can be made public. Public playlists are linked with a rating system, and users can view and play other playlists based on popularity. User can also search public playlists by artist or username. The video plays in the background, and users can control how much one sees through a "dimmer."

Like other federated searching applications, Navigaya includes some of the most popular search engines. Google, Yahoo!, and MS Live are included. Navigaya also includes popular sites like Wikipedia. Navigaya displays the results in separate windows (frames), and users can navigate through the results by scrolling within the particular search engines. More search engine results are accessed by clicking on the white arrow to the right of the windows.

Although the information is sometimes hard to discern on my CRT and the navigation is a little too touchy when I scroll across my browser to click on other items, Navigaya creates a cool and inviting environment to conduct search.

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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Is Your Patron a Tagger?

Be on the lookout.


Instead of Carrying a Moleskine

I prefer to carry a Rhodia notepad, if anything.

I wrote the following down and now I'm ready to purge it to the cloud. I can't say that you'll be the wiser from reading it. It also brings up the question, "Is the Internet the dustbin of our cluttered minds?"

Anyway, here it is. I was trying to play around with meaning and juxtaposition.

Are these the fruits of your spoils, or did you spoil your fruit?