Saturday, March 21, 2009

Data Portability Message

FROM: Elias Bizannes, DataPortability Project vice-chair,
TO: DataPortability Project Members and Supporters
RE: Quarterly Plenary Meeting

As per our 2009 strategic goals[1], the Steering Group of the
DataPortability Project will be hosting quarterly plenary meetings to engage the community more with what we are doing. The plenary is an important part of the DataPortability Project's governance framework, which among other things, elects the Steering Group and holds it accountable.

All members of the plenary are invited to this meeting, where the Steering Group can explain how we are tracking against the goals and question Steering members on the DataPortability Project's future direction and the relevance of work being performed. It also is an opportunity for the community to make binding decisions on behalf of the Project, despite being
removed from the day to day operation of it. As with all DataPortability Project meetings, this is open to anyone to participate.


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