Friday, March 27, 2009

ARLIS/NA 2009 Annual Conference News Aggregator

I've created an RSS and URL filter using Grazr. Below you'll find information on the conference including RSS feeds from Flickr, YouTube, Technorati, Google Alerts, Delicious, Twitter, and the conference's blog.

You can customize the look of the widget and possibly embed* it on your own site as well. Just click on the Share tab and select Customize.

You can also go directly to where the info is on Grazr. In this case,


*Note: Using Grazr's Embed Code works well in many instances. I've used it with Netvibes and in Blogger's side bar. However, when embedding the widget in this Blogger post (vs. the HTML in the sidebar), I had to use an iframe tag and set the height and width manually. More importantly, I've also found that (the free, hosted version of WP) only displays a branded Grazr image that links to the info.

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Unknown said...

I've also created 1 RSS feed from the multiple feeds above using Yahoo Pipes. You can get the feed and see a graphic interface that allows you to toggle between images and text here