Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Shepard Fairey and Copyright

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Shepard Fairey's Obama poster design, originally done outside of the official approval of Obama's campaign, has certainly hit the mass, pop-icon threshold. Could Fairey be our modern-day Warhol? Maybe. But what if Warhol was alive and active in these modern, producer/consumer times?

Fairey's position on copyright is interesting and a bit troubling. He indicates that he goes after those who wish to profit on his design while turning a blind eye to those who bootleg for entertainment. Fairey's position is interesting because it demonstrates the need for copyright revision, and it is troubling because the law is not evenly applied. Creative Commons (CC) offers solutions through various licenses. For example, CC's noncommercial licensing would have satisfied Fairey's needs.

So, I'm curious why Fairey would not go this route. Is there a need for something between copyright and licensing law?

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