Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Feeds Now Full-Text

So, long overdue, I've changed my RSS/e-mail feeds to full-text. Great debates have waged over whether one should drive traffic to their site with teasers in their feeds or if one should give their readers the whole shebang. Since I'm not trying to make money of ads and the like and I personally like reading feeds without having to jump around, I've made the change.

Additionally, I've added to my feed my Web site's URL (to be updated this winter/early spring) and a "ShareThis" link to make it easy to post the content to social networks and to e-mail.

Finally, I've added a favicon to my blog. I'll probably design something in the future, but, for now, it's a 2002 pic of me with a beard. You can tell that, right? Right.


carlacryptic said...

Fun to watch the drawing build from blank paper to finished image. Did you use Painter or something like that to create this?

Unknown said...

Thanks :)

I used some old-school, dare I write, Microsoft software (Photodraw 2k ver. 2) to create the animated gif. Here's what the oracle has to say about the no longer published or supported software.