Friday, March 07, 2008

In the Age of Amazoogle

I was reading the blog Gather No Dust, and Jeff pointed to Wausau Daily Herald's disturbing article on a few librarians being demoted. On the one hand the director of the Marathon County Public Library must provide staff & services that reflect the needs of the community. On the other hand--from the article, it seems that her decisions may not be in the best interest of her community. It was especially disheartening to read her being paraphrased as saying, "Librarians today do less complex work." Yowza! I'd argue in the age of Amazoogle that the days of easy reference questions are over. Furthermore, as public libraries continue to become more aligned with community centers (as is the case with Marathon County), librarians' work will become even more complex as they create new services and information platforms to reach their evolving patron base.

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jdscott50 said...

If I asked my staff if their work was more complicated or less complicated than three years ago, they would certainly say more complicated. Not sure what the deal is here, but it certainly sounds like a lot of BS. It is one thing to demote, it is another to demean the entire profession.