Thursday, March 13, 2008

Blogging from Google Maps

Great idea turning Google Maps into a blogging platform with Yahoo's Pipes. This would be great for blogging while on a road trip, etc. Instead of linking to a news source, just like back to the map.

Seen on: Wired


Tony Hirst said...

I've created a form that makes it easier to generate the feed URL:

When I get a chance, I'll pop an extra bit in that gets a more readable tinyurl version of the feed url

Unknown said...

Hirst, you're my HERO!

Tony Hirst said...

:-) happy to oblige..

If you can think of other ways of improving/simplifying the approach, please let me know...

e.g. finding the best way to specify a link and date is problematic, and i need to a) find a good convention for doing that, b) find a way of 'promoting' that converntion.

If you do start mymaps blogging and find the any date conversions don't work, feel free to hassle me about it and i'll see if i can fix it