Monday, October 02, 2006

Embracing Change

So, over the past month I've been listening to Mr. Godin's
various works by means of audio tape.  After getting a healthy dose of
Senge's Learning Organization in library management, I'm totally convinced that
having an organization that learns to adapt quickly to change (and even create
change) then sharing that knowledge through completely open communication
channels is optimal.  Moreover, an organization that embraces change by
giving its employees latitude to experiment and receive immediate feedback
(fast feedback loops) is key.  At first I thought Don Barlow's philosophy
of always being beta was irresponsible.  The added stress upon his
employees to embrace yet another tweak in the ILS, I thought, would drive his
employees mad, but then I realized listening to Godin's Survival Isn't Enough
that you hire & weed for that type of employee--an employee that embraces
change and looks forward to the new challenges that await them.

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