Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Art Library Students & New ARLIS Professionals (ArLiSNAP)

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Art Library Student & New ARLIS Professionals (ArLiSNAP) Web site at www.arlisnap.org

September 19, 2006

Art library students and new art librarian professionals now have an extensive resource at their fingertips—ArLiSNAP!

The Art Library Students & New ARLIS Professionals (ArLiSNAP) Web site is a smartly designed resource for the busy art librarian or librarian to be.

ArLiSNAP provides:

  • A forum to discuss issues that affect librarians in the arts and humanities

  • A place where new ideas are nurtured, supported, and developed

  • Timely current events within the field of art librarianship & beyond

  • Resources specifically geared towards your needs such as scholarships, fellowships, job postings, professional organizations, and more!

Thinking about a career in art librarianship? ArLiSNAP can guide you to resources that will help you make that decision.

Currently a student in a Library & Information Science (LIS) program? Let ArLiSNAP be the lab for your next project.

New to the profession? Find out what's hot in art librarianship at ArLiSNAP so you can publish and not perish.

Visitor contributions and imported news from art & librarian spheres means content changes daily at ArLiSNAP. For more information, please watch our video at http://www.arlisnap.org.


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