Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Aerosol Warfare + Houston Public Library

Image: "Linking You to the World" by & Courtesy of Aerosol Warfare. 

This fantastic mural is a result of the collaboration between a public entity and street art.  The Houston Public Library (HPL) did not have the funds to include their parking garage in their renovation.  However, HPL's staff suggested reaching out the Aerosol Warfare's CKC StART Street and Urban Arts, a program "whose mission is to promote street, urban and alternative forms of art as a positive and creative force in communities."

Aerosol Warfare energized a space and extended the HPL's theme of "linking you to the world."  The collaboration between the library and the studio is a great example of how street art can play a role in urban renewal.

Here's a nice slide show by Gonzo247.

Downtown HPL Artwork Dedication from GONZO247 on Vimeo.

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