Monday, April 20, 2009

I Was Already a McKinsey Evangelist, But Thank You

I received the message below a few days ago, and I've commented on Saffo's "Get Ready for a New Economic Era" post [note: awaiting moderation as of April 2oth]. 

Basically, I indicated that when we commoditize information we must make sure those systems that allow us to access, retrieve, and store information are stable.  That stability is not always a reality with hardware and software vendors using consumer-economy ideologies (e.g. continuous upgrades that are driven by competitive market forces).  That's not to say that I advocate a non-competitive landscape.  It's just that the model is troublesome when data must be migrated and the migration is only partially successful.  Data loss = profit & knowledge loss.

Dear Bryan Loar,

We’re writing to you about a new digital publication from McKinsey that we hope you will be interested in blogging about. Called What Matters,, our goal is to convene the most exciting thinkers from around the world to offer their views on each topic.  We asked our experts to address ten big questions, whose answers will shape our collective future.  In each case, our essayists take a long view and tackle tomorrow’s trends rather than today’s headlines.

Based on what you’ve blogged about in the past, we thought the question “In less than 20 years, the Internet has transformed the way we shop, socialize, and communicate. What's next?” and our experts’ opinions might be of interest to you.  We welcome your opinion by linking to the essays on or commenting on our What Matters Web site.

Thanks very much for your consideration.


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