Thursday, June 26, 2008

Libraries and Gaming

Jaap vande Geer of DOK Library fame recently posted an interesting video entitled, "If you're not gaming you're losing!"

Gen Con, a gaming conventions organization, will be holding Gen Con Trade Day on on August 13, 2008. ALA's Dale Lipschultz gives this description

Gen Con Trade Day, on Wednesday, August 13th, will feature a
half-day program of special sessions specifically for librarians. Two sessions,
one on circulating games and one on using games in library programs, will be led
by Christopher Harris, Coordinator of the School Library System for Genesee
Valley BOCES, an educational services agency that supports the libraries of 22
small, rural districts in Western NY. In addition to his writing on Infomancy,
Christopher is a technology blogger for School Library Journal on Digital
Reshift as well as a regular technology columnist.

A third session will bring together retailers and librarians
that have successfully collaborated on bringing games into libraries (note - you
can get a free five-day pass if you're a fit for one of the final slots on this
panel, e-mail

A final, keynote session will bring together industry
participants from multiple areas to discuss a broad, critical issue for the
future of games.

The afternoon programming will be followed by a reception where
you can meet, mingle, and learn from other librarians, game company executives,
retailers, distributors, and others in the game business.

On Thursday, August 14th, you'll get special early access to the
largest exhibit floor in the games industry, giving you a chance to talk
directly with the manufacturers, take part in games demonstrations, and see the
hottest new releases.

To learn more about this exciting event, click here:

Finally, Tom Storey gives a nice profile on Gamers and Boomers in his article, "The Big Bang."


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ALA & Verizon are joining forces to Study How Gaming Can Be Used to Improve Problem-Solving and Literacy Skills

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Gaming has become a popular way to have greater brand involvement.

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Libraries have "evolved into social and recreational centers that mirror the communities they serve."

Chicago Tribune on gaming in libraries.