Tuesday, December 04, 2007

I'm Happy...Are You?

Time Magazine has come out with its America by the Numbers 2007 report. Part of the report includes a poll on job satisfaction. I've seen librarian polls on job satisfaction before--we've always rated our satisfaction poorly. So, I wasn't surprised to see that only 25.2% of the librarians polled said that they are "very happy."

I would like to just say that I'm in that 25.2%.

Check out Time's version here - http://www.time.com/time/2007/america_numbers/job.html

Check out the actual report, "Job Satisfaction in the United States" (part of the General Social Servey by National Opinion Research Center at the University of Chicago) here - http://www.norc.org/projects/General+Social+Survey.htm


Carter said...

Sandwiched right there between door-to-door salespeople and household servants . . .

Do they let the survey participants self-identify their job categories?

Unknown said...

Ah, I'm glad you caught that Carter.

I'm not sure about their methodology.