Monday, November 06, 2006

ARLIS/OV Annual Meeting 2006

The day began with a nice meet & greet along with a well-stocked continental breakfast. Afterwards, Frederick Friedman-Ramallah (Systems Librarian) and Becky Bristol (Image Manager) spoke with great witt and insight about the trials and triumphs of Cleveland Museum of Art's ongoing slide-digitization project.

Next, we were given a grand tour of CMA Ingalls Library's new digs. The reading room looked comfortable and inviting, and the study area was well lit with natural lighting. The new space has helped the library create more logical workflows; however, the lack of space has meant the library must store some materials remotely. Yet, overall, the library looks wonderful and the librarians seemed pleased with the renovation.

After our tour and lunch (thank you Kay Downey for getting me a veggie & cheese sandwich), we held our business meeting. After the usual technicalities, the business meeting became an interesting debate on whether or not ARLIS/OV should ratify an agreement to remain an affiliate of ARLIS/NA. The sticking point seemed to be how to incorporate those who wish to remain guests of ARLIS/OV without having to force them into purchasing a ARLIS/NA membership (due to finances, personal preference, etc.). ARLIS/OV bylaws must be consistent with NA's bylaws, and they state that members of ARLIS/OV must be members of NA. The problem arises if you want to incorporate both members and guests in a consistent way that works in good faith with all bylaws. ARLIS/OV has until the last half of December to decide whether or not it will remain affiliated with ARLIS/NA. If ARLIS/OV members decide not to continue its affiliation, it will forfeit the right to use the ARLIS/NA name and any other privileges association with its affiliation (possible funding and the like).

So, members will vote this month by mail. The jury is still out.

As this was my first time to an annual ARLIS/OV meeting, everyone was very friendly. It was very interesting to hear about the diverse backgrounds of each attendee, and I look forward to seeing some of the same faces again in Atlanta.

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