Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Libraries as Refuge

Image: "Oasis Motel retouched neon sign" Courtesy of Lost Tulsa
With the recent wave of storms and power outages in the U.S., libraries have provided a refuge to those looking for cool, indoor relief.  Additionally, they have provided the necessary electricity to re-power mobile devices.  Here are some nice examples of libraries meeting their communities' needs.

Image: "Readers in the children's room" Copyrighted by Arlington Public Library

Arlington Public Library
Arlington Public Library in Virginia partnered with Dominion Power to keep their doors open, the cool air blowing, and the electricity flowing.  Library staff and volunteers generously worked additional hours to serve their community.  To read more, please go here.

Bridgeport Public Library
Bridgeport Public Library in West Virginia, a state with 35,000 still without of electricity, positioned itself as the perfect place to keep cool and discover the back story to movie blockbusters like the Avengers.

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