Friday, March 30, 2012

New Titles from Thames & Hudson

Yesterday, I received the new catalog for Thames & Hudson.  Two titles caught my eye.

Image: Bookshelf by Alex Johnson courtesy of Thames & Hudson

In Bookshelf, Alex Johnson explores creative structures to house book collections.  With 300+ color illustrations, there are plethora of examples.

Image: Mathematics, A Beautiful Elsewhere by Michael Casse & Jean-Pierre Bourguignon courtesy of Thames & Hudson

I'm always drawn to the intersection of art + science, so Mathematics, A Beautiful Elsewhere is right up my alley.  In the book by Michael Casse & Jean-Pierre Bourguignon, the authors explore the pairing of 6 scientists with 4 contemporary artists.  The artist/scientist collaboration produced "specially and aesthetically designed ways to exhibit mathematics," unveiling "the beauty and visionary insights of this discipline."  Reads like delicious infographics to me.


Alex Johnson said...

That's very kind of you - if you'd like to know anything about my book Bookshelf, please do ask.

Unknown said...

Thanks Alex!