Monday, February 01, 2010

Boryana Rusenova-Ina

Image: A Few Moments Later 1 by Boryana Rusenova-Ina

Boryana's Fragmentation work is just beautiful. She captures a narrative that explores time & place through the lens of perception. There are two things I personally love about this particular piece. 1) Her photography mixes seamlessly with her painting--even creating a woven pattern on the left. 2) Graffiti-like drips at the bottom.

Check out her work at Art Access Gallery's It's All New show starting on the 23rd (with reception on March 26th). Her husband, the talented Mr. Ina, will also be showing in Feb. at Art Access. Both are part of Couchfire Collective.

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Justin Shady said...

Man, that's beautiful. Thanks for spreading the word. Gonna read up more on her now.