Thursday, October 15, 2009

Influx: User Experience Lib Consultants

Intro to UX for Libraries from Aaron Schmidt on Vimeo.

Audio needs to be worked out their promo, but the graphics and animation are great.

quick teaser about UX for libraries.

See for more


Aaron said...

Glad you like the video! How can we improve the audio? Volume? Timing?

Unknown said...

Aaron, thanks for commenting :)

I think the volume is fine, but there seems to be some clipping in Amanda's pieces when Ss and other parts close in db range are said. Additionally in Amanda's pieces, there is a bit of white noise that comes through. Some audio programs include a "noise cancellation" feature that helps with this problem. Finally, and this might just be my preference, I would play around with the equalization in your pieces so that they wouldn't sound so "tinny."

Otherwise, I think it's a great promo. Furthermore, I think you and Amanda are really smart for creating INFLUX. As libraries continue to move towards the "3rd place" model, user-centric design will play an even role in shaping these community spaces. UX is a powerful tool to gauge libraries' physical & virtual effectiveness.

(wow. a lot of scare quotes in there. gotta' work on "that")