Saturday, July 25, 2009

Libraries as Knowledge Consultants

Knowledge Consultancy Services in Libraries from Marcin Ignac on Vimeo.

When libraries face dramatic funding cuts, some react by cutting services, hours, etc.  What if we were proactive? 

I know that some of our public libraries offer consultancy services, but what if this was more systematic and as well developed as Marcin's concept.  Using technology to connect, collaborate, and project manage asynchronously/synchronously with librarians, patrons, and other potential stake holders is genius.  The potential of Google's Wave might address this.  However, a wiki hosted locally would help ensure data sustainability.

Description: "Service concept for danish libraries developed during Service Design course at CIID."


Marcin Ignac said...

We can't forget that this video and concept was developed by me together with Ashwin Rajan, another CIID student

Unknown said...

Thanks Marcin for pointing that out!