Tuesday, August 12, 2008

When VJ Means Turntablist

Addictive TV: One Minute Showreel

Call me oldschool, but whenever I saw/heard the phrase video jockey (VJ) I thought of the classic cast on MTV.

Uh, seems I've been living under false pretenses for a good 4 years now. Since 2004, Pioneer has been making DVD turntables (DVJ-1000 released in 2006), and, since 1992, Addictive TV has been making art.

Anyway, Addictive TV is now turning their artistic attention to the '08 Olympics.

Edit, Remix, Rebroadcast

there value for libraries to track/collect/catalog digital
derivatives? Certainly the cultural anthropologist would be interested
in a broader narrative. If we do, where does it stop? Of course,
there's also the thorny problem of digital archiving.

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