Friday, July 11, 2008

Standardization Followed by Innovation

Stefano Maruzzi indicated in his interview with Ed Dorrell (NMA) that his strategy for turning Condé Nast into a profitable digital business revolved around "standardization followed by innovation."

Maruzzi goes on to say that in order to innovate, information delivery must be standardized.

Of course, libraries have been standardizing information for ages. However, information delivery (OPACs) has been relatively un-innovative because they lacked user-centric designs. That is starting to change.

There may also be an argument to the siloing of information within our profession. Maruzzi has the ability to restructure his organization because, in the end, financials all lead to one entity. Publicly open libraries (public and academic [to a degree]) are tied to thousands of city/university purse strings. Still I'd argue that the user doesn't see the library in their hometown as any different than a library halfway across the US. The library is the brand regardless of format.

Dorrell, E. (2008, June 5). World vision. New Media Age

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