Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Best Call Recording Service Ever!

I was looking to record a cell phone conversation. I found many really pricey services that didn't give you the option of downloading the conversation. With a little more searching, I found a much better alternative that will work with my cell phone or a regular land line.

  • Free conference calls with a long distance call-in number
  • Only 10 cents per minute (per caller) with a toll-free call-in number
  • Free MP3 recording with the 10 cent plan
I was looking for a solution that would be free for the person I'm talking to as well as have the ability to have the conversation recorded (with their consent) and easily transferred to my computer for cleanup (think podcast). This is a great solution for recording interviews. For a quick 10 minute interview between two people using the premium plan, it costs only $2. They even partner with a company that does transcripts (though, who & how much are not disclosed).

Now I've got to just line those interviews up.

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