Monday, June 26, 2006

3M/NMRT Reception & Social

The evening began with the ALA NMRT Student Reception. Light snacks and drinks were provided, and several students and new members filled the meeting room. The University of Hawaii at Manoa accepted the ALA 2006 Student Chapter of the Year Award. (see Flikr photo).

I saw some of the same faces from the previous social, and I saw Steven Bell again. The reception actually had a dual purpose. One, it created an atmosphere conductive for meeting one’s peers, and, two, it provided a means for the various ALA section liaisons to pitch their services. I learned that the ACRL has an Arts section—I’ll probably join.

After the reception, my wife and I went to the 3M/NMRT Social. There we met up with David Pointon, 3M's Government and Industry Relations Manager, and Rory Yanchek, 3M Library Systems Business Manager. The ball room was decked out with New Orleans beads, and an elaborate buffet was set up on both sides of the rectangular-shaped room. We sat at the front-middle table with one of the other 3M/NMRT Professional Development Grant recipients (and fellow vegetarian), Jill Ratzan. During a conversation with one of Jill’s friends, I accidentally smacked Bonnie Holland in the face! (She was standing right behind me. I was discussing self-censorship with animated hands. It was a mess—not the way I would like to introduce myself to Worthington Public Library's Associate Director of Support Services). Anyway, Bonnie was all very nice about it.

The actual award ceremony was brief. David Pointon recognized 3M’s commitment to helping rebuild New Orleans. 3M has donated $925,000 in e-libraries (manufactured by to areas affected by Katrina like New Orleans. Rory Yanchek presented the award plaques to me, Jill, and Beth Heins (Supervising Librarian at the Sherwood Public Library). The moment of getting up, picking up the award, and sitting down lasted about 90 seconds; but, they were a great 90 seconds.

After the awards, a pleasant woman addressed the crowd and began describing some recent accomplishments of libraries in partnership with 3M. Her closing was unforgettable. She said, and I quote, “I wish you good sex.” Wow! What she had meant to say is success. The entire ballroom burst into laughter. It was great.

The rest of the night, my wife & I watched people dance. We mingled. And we headed out. It was a fabulous evening.

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